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Inspired Homes, the Family-Friendly Builder

2nd May 2017
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Planning for a new home can be a time consuming and stressful process for any parent when you have a young family. Just finding the time to meet with builders and designers can be a hassle when you’re juggling everyone’s schedules. Inspired Homes is a family-owned builder that’s passionate about making the process more family-friendly for its customers. So if you’re a family looking for high-end, high-quality service tailored to family needs, they could be the builder for you.

Inspired Homes has custom built a kids’ zone in their showroom to allow families to bring in children of all ages from babies right through to teenagers. Now parents can go to important meetings with their family, without worrying about being disrupted.  

The Inspired Homes team understands that not everyone has access to family help, and therefore parents often need to bring their children with them. Operations Manager, Danielle Spaseski says that as a mother of three she knows first-hand the dread of having to take her children to important meetings when there’s no other option.

“That’s why, my main focus when we designed our new showroom, was to create a space that was inviting for young families, and where parents could feel at ease when making important decisions creating their dream home with us.” - Inspired Homes Operations Manager, Danielle Spaseski.

The kids’ zone provides a 270” view at all times so no matter if customers are in the boardroom, the Contract Administrator’s office, or the award winning showroom, children are in full sight from any vantage point. The playroom is designed to get messy, so parents can be at ease knowing their children are safe, secure, and free to play.

Inspired Homes Managing Director, Vas Spaseski believes that a home should be comfortable, and affordable to everyone.

“For me the basics in our business do not change. Our focus is on our affordability and quality for our customers, while at the same time providing a relaxed atmosphere for clients and families.” - Managing Director Vas Spaseski.

Book meeting times that are convenient for you and your family without having to work around school and daycare. Inspired Homes offers House & Land Packages and housing solutions for everyone, including custom homes and multi-unit developments. For more information visit: If you can dream it, they can create it.