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5 Steps to Property Development with Integrity Developments

26th April 2017
6 Fulham St Kewdale -018

Property development can seem like a daunting project to begin. However, Integrity Developments take the stress out of the process by steering clients through subdividing, designing and developing property. With individual design tailored to suit people's lifestyles, situation and location, these property development specialists can help bring dreams to reality with their 5 Property Development Steps.

Step 1 - Investigate and Feasibility

Integrity Developments works with clients to investigate their options. They will outline the constraints or opportunities that exist, and the housing style that’s most suitable. Feasibility can be summed up in three words; ‘know your numbers.’ Calculating potential profit means that all numbers from start to finish must be considered including areas such as forecasting end values, selling costs and taxation. From contour feature surveys, and drawing concept sketches, to your financing strategy, Integrity is there every step of the way.

Step 2 - Design

Integrity Developments has an in-house building designer that works through the design process with customers, who can be as involved in the project as they want to be. They work to custom-design developments to achieve any desired style. Once the design has been approved they build it in 3D to further conceptualise the home before submitting to council.

Step 3 - Approvals

Integrity Developments help with all approvals, including:

  • Development approvals,
  • Subdivision applications,
  • Private building certification, and
  • Building Permits.

Step 4 - Pre Build

This is where the process gets exciting! Integrity guides customers through the 4 main stages:


If subdivision is required, it’s to be completed prior to construction, satisfying the various WAPC subdivision conditions.

Pre-Estimate Selections

This is when internal specifications and possible upgrades are decided on.

Quoting and Contracts 

Plans and selections are sent to contractors for quotes so customers can be provided with a turnkey price with everything included. Once quotes are approved, the contract is prepared and signed.


Once a the contract has been signed, final finance can be approved.

Step 5 - Turn Key Construction
The knowledge, expertise and craftsmanship of the Integrity team is second to none. From slabs, to roofs, to lock-up, and fixing, they are there every step of the way. Turnkey construction means that at the end of the process they hand over the keys to a fully finished development.

“Our goal is to make projects and experience with our company easy, stress-free and enjoyable. Many of our clients return to create their second, third and even fourth projects with us or have referred their friends.” - Kevin Ledger, Integrity Developments Director.

Specialising in turnkey home building for duplex, triplex, multi-unit and two-storey properties, Integrity Developments support clients through every project stage. Their stress-free service from start to finish for investors and homeowners has been at the forefront of their company success. Let Integrity Developments help turn your dreams into reality. To find out more, visit: