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Resilient Housing for the Future with Great Living Homes

19th April 2017

Natural disasters are becoming more common, and the resulting jump in insurance premiums means large portions of the population can’t afford to continue insuring their homes. Housing associations across the world are taking action by making changes to building standards. Great Living Homes use unique FastBuild construction technology to help residents in disaster-prone areas prepare their homes for potential weather events.

The introduction of ‘resilient housing’ sees new homes built more resistant to weather events. This means, homes in flood-prone suburbs may be raised a certain height off the ground to minimise damage caused from floodwaters. In the future, insurance premiums will rely on the resilience rating of homes. This initiative may save many homes, but has it come too late?

In Perth we experience many devastating bushfires and recent studies have indicated possible earthquake and flood risks. Homes, sheds and buildings could be significantly damaged if Perth was to experience a flood. The worst flooding event occurred in 1872 and Perth hasn’t experienced any major flood events since prior to the 1970’s, but climate experts believe we could be susceptible to a significant flooding event in the near future.

“We should start preparing our homes for that risk now instead of waiting until a flood occurs.” - Phil Jenner, Great Living Homes Managing Director.

After the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires,the National Construction Code (NCC) required  home builders and homeowners to adhere to new construction requirements for their zone. Homes built within higher fire-risk areas must now build with fire-resistant materials to reduce potential damage. With the latest research indicating growing flood risks, we should prepare homes now, rather than wait until it’s too late.  

The Insurance Council of Australia has developed a tool to help people understand how resilient their home would be to disasters and how they can improve it. It only takes a few minutes to find out how a home would stack up against a bushfire or a flood. Once homeowners are aware of the risks their homes face, they should take action to strengthen it.

Great Living Homes use strong, resilient building materials in the homes they build, and they educate clients about the benefits of resilient housing. They're equipped with the knowledge to discuss housing resilience with all home builders and buyers. Let’s make a difference in our community by sharing knowledge and practising resilient building.

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