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The future of building is here with Bellissimo Homes

6th April 2017

After seven years in the industry, Bellissimo Homes has burst onto the home building scene  with a revolutionary sustainable building approach that meets affordable building in the middle. As an innovative leader in modern building, they utilise a wide range of tried and tested building methods, incorporating innovative products throughout the construction. Bellissimo Homes is at the forefront in researching, developing and building using the alternative building system, EcoSips, Structural Insulated Panels.

Structural Insulated Panels are not new technology, but the adaptation of their use in Australian building has just begun to take off. EcoSips are quickly proving their place in the delivery of affordable, energy efficient and architecturally sound homes.

Annual heating and cooling costs dramatically reduce with the use of EcoSips, as they provide a  comfortable home climate to live in all year long, and they’re all made right here in WA.  

Building with the EcoSips system is more economical than building with conventional brick methods. Full height ceilings throughout the entire home and double glazed windows and sliding doors come at no extra cost to the client.

Bellissimo Homes believe sustainable building is the way of the future for the construction industry because of the many advantages it allows. Their homes are built approximately 60% quicker than traditional brick homes, and they are easily achieving 7.5 star homes.

General Manager for Bellissimo, Fernando Giaimo, guarantees that they will be more competitive in pricing then building with brick for an individually designed home.

“It’s simply a cheaper, faster, sustainable build. We will beat any written builder's quote with full addendum and plans,” Fernando Giaimo said.  

“Quicker building times, means the homeowners can save more than six months’ interest, mortgage repayments, rent and bank costs, plus they get to enjoy their new home faster.”

Much of the building speed can be attributed to the internal and external preparations of the walls. EcoSips eliminate the need for Gyprock, battening, waterproofing and cladding. Walls can be simply painted on the inside, and texture-coated on the outside. Bellissimo have been developing an EcoSips system that will allow concrete mid-floors to be used for upstairs flooring, a first in Australian building.

When you design your home with Bellissimo Homes, you build a home that suits you, your block size, and the block’s solar orientation. The future of building is here. Contact Bellissimo Homes to find out more about EcoSips and how they can help bring your dream home to life, the sustainable way. Visit their website