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Lessons learned from recent buyers, architects and builders

16th March 2017

There’s always something to be learned from those who have been there and done that. We’ve asked some recent home buyers, builders and architects the lessons they’ve learned during the home-building experience.

“With the right contractors, and the right design your building process and final result will be nothing short of your dream.”


The importance of hiring the right contractor

When choosing a builder or architect keep in mind that they are people you will work with every day to create your home. The relationship you build can really affect your new home. It might seem easier to choose someone who charges less, or to choose an existing house-plan. But remember, if it doesn’t  fit your lifestyle, it won’t work for you. Allowing builders and architects to custom-design aspects of your home will minimise the chance of needing major changes later.

Think ahead

Too often people only consider their current circumstances. Building a new house is a large commitment, and the goal is to create a home that’s right for you right into the future. After all, you’re not planning to move any time soon. Thinking about your future needs will help you avoid pitfalls as your life changes. Will there be more people living in the house? Do you want a pool? Will you need bigger rooms? A home office? Allowing for these potential changes can save lots of future hassles.

"The design and construction phase is the best time to think about storage options to make sure your new home has the space you need."


Lack of storage

Storage is a feature that can easily be overlooked when building a new home and people are often left feeling as though there isn’t enough storage for them. Experts agree that a home can never have too much storage space, especially if it’s a home for a growing family. It’s always a safe bet to have a double garage, but if you already have two cars to go inside you’ll need more space to store the items that find their way into garages, like sporting equipment, boats and tools.

Built in cupboards and closets in bedrooms always offer more storage space than stand-alone drawers and cupboards, and they have the advantage of being tucked away, rather than imposing on floor space. Likewise in kitchens, it’s best to go with a built-in pantry, rather than a cupboard, and make the most of the space underneath bench-tops. The design and construction phase is the ideal time to consider these options to make sure you have all the space you need when you move in. 

Unused space

Modern homes are designed for more connected, family-friendly living. People often fall into the trap of building rooms with no clear purpose, and more often than not, these rooms go unused. Reconsider formal living rooms and dining areas. Though they look appealing and give your home extra footage, they can turn into junk rooms quite quickly. Consider replacing these rooms with something more functional for contemporary living, such as a theatre room, or office. Make sure your home accommodates your real, everyday living situation. 

Thinking ahead, and planning around your lifestyle are the most effective ways to build a functional home. The experts are always willing to guide you in the right direction, with the wealth of experience they keep under their hardhats.