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5 top tips on how to prepare for house guests

21st November 2016
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Even with the best of intentions it’s easy to let that spare bedroom become a hoarding place for furniture ‘leftovers’.

Cue frantic panic when people come to stay. Here are our top-tips for getting that spare room ready for your holiday holiday guests.

“It’s great to have visitors, when we’re well prepared to make them feel welcome. Here’s some help to make that preparation easier, and hopefully improve the whole holiday for you and your special guests.”


Neutral Tones

Keep the spare room in neutral tones or opt for neutral furnishings to make sure it can work all year ‘round in terms of taste and season. Neutralising a palate is easy enough with rugs, curtains and bedding, or if time and budget permits then wardrobes or drawers work a treat too.

Seasonal Pops of Colour

Adding pops of colour that reflect the seasons is guaranteed to bring real warmth and personality to any room, and best of all it’s easy to achieve on a budget.
In winter, a warm blanket in rich or earthy autumnal colours will make your guests feel cosy and be generous with ample bedding to see them through chillier nights. In spring, a couple of brightly coloured cushions or florals on the bedside table will freshen up the room and really make it pop with personality.


Not many people like blinding morning light acting as their natural alarm clock, especially when they’re on holiday and cherishing the opportunity for sleep-ins. Check there’s appropriate shade (blinds, curtains, or even eye masks) so your guests get all the shut-eye they need.

“Whether it’s old friends, close family, or the dreaded in-laws, every person who is welcomed into your home to stay, will feel happier and more relaxed if you can show you’ve made the effort to make their visit more comfortable.”



Scented candles are a super quick fix, and add instant ambience. Seasonal candles in particular create a homely vibe. Think cinnamon or clove in the colder months and jasmine or rose coming into summer. It’s a lovely and thoughtful touch that will create an enjoyable sensory surprise when your guests arrive and enter the room for the first time.

Home Comforts & Convenience

Finishing touches and little conveniences make all the difference when it comes to your guests having a comfortable stay, and feeling welcomed and wanted.

A decorative bowl or tray is the perfect place for guests to leave their fussier items, like keys and jewellery, so they’re not constantly rifling through luggage. Leave a couple of powerpoints uncovered for phones that need charging and hair dryers.

Place a couple of coasters in the room so guests can take water to bed without having to explain how they marked your furniture the next morning, and in winter have tissues to hand for anyone with a sniffle.

Lastly, leave some light snacks in clear view - fruits and nuts are perfect - in case guests wake up with rumbling stomachs before you do. Any guests experiencing jet lag will be really appreciate this.

Most important of all, remember your guests are there to spend time with you, so don’t stress too much - they’ll love it all, no matter what!