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Dean O'Rourke is completing his double term as HIA president

17th November 2016
Dean O'Rourke, Executive General Manager, ABN Group

Dean O'Rourke's story in the WA building industry is well known.

His story is well know because it's a great one. Like his mentor, Dale Alcock, Dean started out on site, as a roofing 'chippie'. Clearly in this game, grass roots experience of what goes into building new homes can be the ideal foundation for an amazing career. Of course, this brass tacks start has to combine with an individual's smarts, work ethic, passion for building and people skills.

Dean has these things, though of course you'd never hear him say anything like that himself, because this is a bloke who's a down to earth family man, working hard at what he loves. For him, it's as simple as that.

"Dean O’Rourke was once an HIA Apprentice and was indentured to Dale Alcock Homes many years ago as a roof carpenter and is now the Executive General Manager of the ABN Group, after previously running Dale Alcock Homes. This shows many young people that you can develop a great career in the residential building industry with a dedicated and committed approach."

- John Gelavis, HIA Executive Director WA


There was plenty of applause across the night, and much of it was in demonstration of Dean's efforts, and to show the genuine appreciation that 700-odd industry peers have for the man, and the time he committed to the industry over two consecutive terms as HIA President, and one as Vice President. It's safe to say that Dean has been an inspiration to many and is widely respected not only in WA, but across national HIA and new homes networks.

Perhaps because of his starting point as an apprentice, and then a trade, Dean understands what's possible, what it takes to make it and where dedication and hard work can lead. He has given plenty of time to encouraging the most recent generations of young people entering the building sector as apprentices.

"Dean O’Rourke has been a significant advocate for apprentices and through his leadership he has inspired many young people within the industry and also worked at all levels of government to secure a better outcome for the whole industry."

- John Gelavis, HIA Executive Director WA

Thank You

The team at would also like to extend a big 'thank you' and our congratulations to Dean. The thank you is for his appreciation of our own organisation and for his constant willingness to consider and support new technolgies that help builders reach out and engage with Australians who are planning their new home journies.

Our congratulations are for a job well done, something we have seen first hand, particularly since partnering with the HIA.

"We share in the admiration and respect that filled the room at the recent awards. That's just the tip of the iceberg and it is very well deserved. Dean's an easy man to respect and the level of energy he has committed to the HIA, Dale Alcock Homes, the ABN Group and the new homes sector as a whole is a rare asset. We've all been very lucky to have him serve for so long."

- Troy McGuinness, Director,

An Era Ends

Anyone who does the HIA awards circuit know that this alone is a massive committment in time and energy. Add to that the real work of board meetings, advocacy and planning for the future, and the role of HIA President is a significant job in itself. So, it's understandable that Dean is probably looking forward to having time to commit to other things, such as his wife and young family, and his 'day job' with the ABN Group.

But it's not quite over yet. The transition has begun, but Dean doesn't officially complete his current term until March 2017. No doubt at that time, more accolades will be delivered to acknowledge the amazing contribution he has made.

"Dean O’Rourke has been an outstanding President of HIA and will complete his 4 year term in March 2017. He previously served 2 years as Vice President, chalking up 6 years in total, which is a massive commitment to the building industry.

- John Gelavis, HIA Executive Director WA

All the very best Dean, and we'd also like to wish the next HIA President a flying start in 2017 and a productive term.

We're all looking forward to finding out who will be in-coming.