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Design tips for kids sharing a bedroom

16th November 2016

What kid doesn’t LOVE the idea of having bunk beds!

Bunks are a treat that never get old and the adventure of them stays cool for quite a while. Bunk beds are a fantastic way of freeing up extra space in shared bedrooms and they’re a hoot for the kids.

If it’s extra storage space you’re after then kill two birds with one stone and go for bunk beds with built in drawers. With an abundance of options on the market you could take it one step further and choose a themed bunk bed that complements the bedroom decor. There are some amazing options out there and whatever you go for, you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice.

"Get the kid's involved in the decision making process and find out what they really want and like the idewa of. Within reason of course!"



If you’re lucky enough to have plenty of space in the kid’s rooms then a room divider, particularly one with shelving for extra storage, is a great way of creating the feel of individual living spaces, without the kids feeling too isolated.

A shelf room divider means there’s extra space for the kids to stash toys and it makes tidying up much faster. With smaller bedrooms you can opt for a pair of colourful curtains to divide the room when the kids want some time to themselves. Curtains can add a splash of colour that will inject a burst of fun and personality into their room.

Get Boxing!

Shelves and wardrobes don’t always cut it when it comes to storage for the kids so get creative with storage boxes. Most homeware retailers provide a range of materials, colours and sizes. Assign a couple of boxes to each of your little ones and spend a crafty afternoon decorating and customising them.

Having personalised creations in the room will encourage them to use the boxes and clean up after themselves. All those toys that get left scattered around can be put away in one swift swoop and without using up that much needed shelving space.

Create with Paint

Paint is one of the most cost efficient ways of transforming any space and when it comes to shared bedrooms you can use it to great effect. If you’re struggling to find decorative middle ground to suit everyone then why not divide and conquer and paint each half of the room according to the theme that each child likes the most. Pirate ships on one side and fairies on the other. Why not! What could possibly go wrong? Invest in some good paint and away you go.

The Kids are Happy

The most important thing of all is making sure both kids are happy with the room. Talk them through their options, encourage them to share opinions, get involved and take ownership. That way they know they get a say in decorating ‘their’ area of the room, and if in doubt you can never go wrong with splashes of colour. Happy kids, happy families!