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Simplifying the home design search

10th November 2016
Montgomery - Thonton 1

Building a new home can be a complex process, there are many decisions that need to be made before a brick can be laid with the most important choice being which builder to select.

When the builder search begins, feelings can quickly change from being spoilt for choice to feeling overwhelmed by choice.

For more than 25 years, Montgomery Homes has dominated the sloping site market

Montgomery Homes is making the process easier by refreshing their brand and refining their home design offering to two simple categories – sloping and level. 

Rather than presenting all 150 home designs, the self-explanatory categories divide the home designs into those best suited to sloping sites and those best suited to level sites.

You don’t have to be an experienced tradesman to understand which designs you need to consider; simply picture the block of land you have, or would like to have, and your home design search is underway.

For more than 25 years, Montgomery Homes has dominated the sloping site market, building a strong reputation for their bearers & joists construction technique and engineered split-slab method that works with the gradient of any home site.

“It’s important for us to present an image that maintains our established reputation as a specialist builder while visually showing we’re equally skilled at building homes on level sites."

- Kaitlyn Green, Marketing and Communication Executive

This level of expertise with more complex sites gives Montgomery Homes an edge over competitors when transferring their skills and home designs to less complex level sites. 

Whether the block is level or sloping, Montgomery Homes has a specialist design to enable clients to build homes that suit their lifestyle, surroundings, and maximise their street appeal.

Montomery's Marketing and Communication Executive, Kaitlyn Green, expands on this. “Building homes on level sites presents fewer challenges for our team, the fact that we’ve mastered building techniques for sloping sites makes it straightforward to transfer our skills to a level-site build." Kaitlyn continues, “Our new look and easy-to-understand design categories will make it easier for people to find a home design that suits their site, their lifestyle, and their budget."

“We’ve built a strong reputation as the sloping site specialists when really, we build great homes on every level” said Kaitlyn.  

Earlier this year Montgomery Homes was awarded Housing Industry Association’s (HIA) prestigious Australian Medium Professional Builder of the Year award and was recently nominated in the same category at the Hunter region awards for this financial year.

The company website is currently being rebuilt to align with the new brand identity and will launch later this year. 

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