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2017 interior design trends. In & out. Hot & not.

8th November 2016
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Interior Design trends for 2017 are already a hot topic, with some enticing trends and shake ups predicted.

Here, we’re going to share a few of the latest insights so all you keen decorators can stay ahead of the game with emerging colours and styles. Keep you eyes peeled for these trends popping up in stores near you, especially once spring has sprung and we’re all getting energised to create change in our homes.

“We love this time or year. It’s always very exciting to start to see new trends emerge in the northern hemisphere that will make their way to Australia for our next spring, summer and the new year. Right or wrong, it’s fun to consider what might become popular and start getting new inspirations.”


Say 'Hello' to the 2017 Hotties

Dark Green

The hot new colour shade for 2017 is dark green. This cool and calming shade is tipped to make waves with furniture and accent items for the home.
If you’re willing to take the trend a step further, dark green paint has been pegged as the perfect background for adding contrast and counter-point to neutral furniture and decor palettes. See you later, navy blue.

Upholstered Bedheads

It might be time to turn stripped back wooden bed frames into firewood for next winter, because there are big changes predicted for bedding in 2017 and exposed timber frames haven’t made the cut.
Tipped to become all the rage thanks to luxury hotels being an early adopter and boosting popularity, upholstered bedheads will be the hottest way to add unique personality, style and elegance to any bedroom. The range of materials and colours available wherever you go make it the perfect bedroom shake up to achieve on a budget, too!

Jewel Tones

Taking the ‘elegance’ theme one step further, ritzy, futuristic inspired jewel tones are expected to spearhead up-and-coming decor trends. Think astronomy meets luxury. And there’s no need for this to be too over the top either. Just vary the materials you choose throughout your home to soften the overall aesthetic effect.

“We can see greens working well in hotter climates, where the colour has a cooling and calming effect. We love the idea of upholstered bed heads and finding fabrics that suit us perfectly. So individual!” -

Say 'Seeya Later' to the 2017 Gonners


Marble may not have been underpaid, but it has been over worked. This is one exhausted material thanks to years of tireless service and domination of the interior design market.

Marble may remain as a timeless classic that suits certain new homes, but in 2017, expect to see marble phased out of in favour of materials with a less ‘polished’ finish. Think terracotta and timber, for instance and see where your mind can take those options.


It had to happen eventually, copper’s been riding the popularity wave these past 12 months and it is everywhere. Whilst we don’t doubt it’ll be in-vogue once again, the abundance of products on the market have meant a reduction in quality that’s given it a cheap, feel that lacks authenticity and in the worst cases borders on the tacky. (Sorry copper!).

Pack it away and prepare for more industrial, matte-look trends to take its place.

Framed Quotes as Artwork

We’re the first to admit these have been done to death and it’s time for them to go. What was once a fun, inspirational trend has become a cliche the past 12 months thanks to social media saturating our feeds daily. We’re so over quotes and say 'Meh!' to memes!

Step away from the quotes and embrace new options in affordable and accessible artwork that will include pieces created around photographic images.