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Gyprock sensitive for a healthier home

25th October 2016
Gyprock - sensitive

Did you know that there is an estimated 2.3 million Australians living with asthma, and one in three suffering allergies? One thing we often don’t realise is that asthma and allergy symptoms can be exacerbated by factors in our home environment.

Creating a healthy home environment is now easier thanks to the revolutionary hypoallergenic plasterboard, Gyprock Sensitive.

Gyprock Sensitive offers enhanced mould resistance and improved moisture resistance. With mould one of the most common triggers for asthma and allergies, Gyprock Sensitive is a superior choice for walls and ceilings throughout the home.

This unique plasterboard is mould resistant due to a powerful but gentle antifungal agent throughout its core, which penetrates the paper and subsequent decorative coating. The plasterboard core also contains a unique wax emulsion, which makes it resistant to moisture.

A recent study commissioned by Gyprock found that 35% of Australian households have experienced mould, with the bedroom being the second most affected room in the house, after the bathroom. Modern houses are more airtight with lower ventilation and often have smaller rooms, which can all contribute to moisture build up. 

Increased steam and humidity provide perfect conditions for mould and mildew growth, making Gyprock Sensitive an ideal solution for wet areas such as the bathroom and laundry.

Gyprock Sensitive is the first and only residential plasterboard to be approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice® program as a better choice for asthma and allergy sufferers.

So whether you’re building a new home, extending or planning a renovation, be sure to add Gyprock Sensitive to your list.

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