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The Addition of Display Home Mapping

29th June 2016
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Display Homes

The team at understand the importance of display homes in the new homes process. Having worked closely with the best builders in the country since 2011, they have an excellent understanding of what goes into attracting consumers and engaging with them to build a new home.

Display homes are a crucial part of the process, and an important role played by this new homes-dedicated website is to encourage consumers to visit the displays.

This new feature, will soon be showing consumers the exact location of display homes on a map within the product page.

“After data collection, the display home mapping feature was a high priority. We want drive foot traffic into the displays of our builders and this feature will certainly help achieve that.” - Scott Sanders, Technical Director,

Map View

When there is a display home for any new home, it is clearly tagged in the thumbnail view of the product. Consumers can now filter to display only display homes for when they are really serious about getting out on the weekend.

Then, within each product page, consumers can choose to view the display home on a map, and they will be shown the exact location of that home.

Everything on is fully responsive and scales to mobile screen, sop when consumers are out and about, they can find display homes on their mobile phones and find their way to them quickly and easily.

“So much of what we do is designed to complement the off-line new homes sales process and help our builders convert consumers into clients. The new display home mapping feature is a perfect example of this and we’re very happy to have it live.” - Troy McGuinness, Sales and Marketing Director,

When a Consumer is viewing a specific new home with a display, they can simply switch view from the photo gallery by clicking the ‘Display Home’ tab. This then shows them a Google map, with a location pin indicating the precise location of the display home.

Location Accuracy

To make sure the location of every display home is exactly right, builders can drop a location pin on the Google map from within the content management / admin area. This is a simple, three step process that allows builders to control exactly where the pin is placed.

If a display home hasn’t been pinned yet, the address will show as a default so consumers can still find their way to the home.

“Our priority is to make the user experience fast and simple for our consumers, and also for our builders. The admin of new home products within the website is as fast as easy for our builders as it is for consumers to find new home designs, images, content, and display home locations.” - Scott Sanders, Technical Director,

Electronic Direct Mail has already been sent out to builders announcing the new feature, with a subsequent mail out explaining the simple process of dropping location pins for display homes.