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Very Impressive Site Traffic & Engagement Metrics

5th May 2016
NHG - Articles Stats - Qtr1  2016

Long Live Digital!

The beautiful statistics you see above are not something you see every day, and certainly not in all media channels. While Press and Print struggle to stay relevant, and base their sales pitch on 'readership' and the number of copies they print, online marketing performs far better, offers complete accountability and high value.

Digital marketing channels like are accountable and everything is measurable. There's no need for guesswork. In a challenging new homes market, the performance of this website has increased universally in all national markets in the first quarter of 2016.

"We're very excited about this result. In a challenging market, results like these are a strong testament to the strength of our offering and the levels of engagement it achieves every day. We work hard to continue to evolve the site and deliver increased consumer engagement to our builder. If you want to get results online, get in touch with us today."

- Troy McGuinness, Sales & Marketing Director,

This is great news for the Builders who use the site as part of their digital marketing strategy. It's also great news for the consumers who use the site as a source of help, inspiration and information as they work hard to bring their dream homes to life.

National & State by State

The figures you see above are for the national performance of, accounting for all capital city markets. On a national level, and in isolation, these figures are nothing short of incredible. When you then consider the percentage growth rates the site has achieved to kick start 2016, it's beyond reasonable expectation.

What is also interesting is that the performance, trends and size of the growth is evenly reflected in every capital city market across Australia.

In support of this great news, the communications team will be sending our state-specific newsletters, so all account holders and prospects can take a close look at the performance of their own capital cities. This indeed good news and well worth sharing.

Accounting for the Success

Practice makes perfect and has been dedicated to the digital marketing of the new homes sector since 2011. Since then, the team driving this platform forward have learned a lot, gained experience from the market and the builders and applied those learnings to the evolution of the site.

What the website offers Australia's new home builders and consumers has evolved year on year, and that continues today, more than ever. The team balance the development of new technology and new features between the builders themselves and the consumers they are dedicated to engaging with.

"Our commitment to increasing engagement between builders and consumers is unwavering. Everything we do is dedicated to that and right now, we are putting the finishing touches to new features that will give us even more power in this area. The results for quarter one are certainly exciting and we have some very good reasons to believe they will be exceeded in the near future."

- Scott Sanders, Technical Director,

So, we can all look forward to more exciting news from the developers of this technology soon. In the meantime, not only is working hard behind the scenes to add new features, they are always investing in the digital marketing of the platform. That includes SEO and SEM strategies that are well established and leading the sector, with the support of Content and Social Marketing strategies that are achieving more new growth. The platform also understands the benefits of supplementing their digital activities with traditional media.

Invest in Accountability & Performance

Yes, the market is challenging across the country and that makes it the perfect time for builders to reconsider where they invest their marketing budget. Increasingly, digital marketing offers better performance, complete accountability and higher value.

These are benefits that are hard to ignore and when you combine them with a proven digital marketing website that is dedicated to the new homes sector, you have a marketing opportunity that is custom made for what Australian builders are selling - new homes.

These are just words so take the shortcut and take another look at the figures above. They are worth a thousand words, and many, many thousands of dollars in consumer engagement and new business.

Congratulations to the team at and the builders and developers around Australia who have the digital intelligence to make the most of the site's powerful, dedicated and effective new homes marketing service.