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Exciting New Engagement Technology

20th April 2016
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Our dedication is on creating maximum engagement between Australian building companies and the people who are planning to build new homes. We are constantly investigating new technologies, channels and options so we can continue to lead the way in this area.

The engagement we work towards is achieved across various digital channels and touch points including the website itself, Content Marketing and Social Media.

An increased commitment to Social Marketing by our team late in 2015 is paying dividends with increased activity and solid community growth.

Weekly articles are created by the website’s own communications team, and are shared with Consumers via eDM and social channels to increase site traffic.

This is all part of an overall strategy to be the new homes website for useful information about everything new homes. Right now, our focus is on building our communities of new home consumers and reaching them more frequently with high quality content that is of genuine value to them as they plan the build of their news homes.

On Facebook, the team have a regular schedule of featured links to new homes from builders all over the country. These posts are boosted to increase engagement and it is not uncommon to reach over 2,000 people.

Sales and Marketing Director, Troy McGuinness, is excited and motivated.

“We are all committed to creating connections between builders and consumers in all sorts of ways.” says Mr McGuinness “From the development of new engagement tools within the website, to re-marketing and our powerful social engagement strategies that are achieving great results for our builders.”

In 2016, are working hard with the HIA and their building partners in all states to gather feedback and plan new features. This proactive approach looks set to see this new homes marketing platform retain it’s position as number one.*

Read on to get an overview of other new features and enhancements that have been developed and executed so far in 2016.

API & Filters

The Application Programming Interface (API) we built to achieve integration with Runway and MyDesktop gives us the ability to make all sorts of great improvements to the website.

Faster Filters

An overhaul to the filtering has made the page refresh with search results much faster. That means we show consumers more homes, more quickly.

New Filters

Our Developers have been adding home filters and overhauling the infinite scrolling functionality.

We've also added some new filters to the CMS to help our team manage our client data more effectively.

"The development of the API for Runway and MyDesktop gives us all sorts of exciting new options. Our dedication to best practice technology is brilliant for our builders because it makes our site better than the rest." - Scott Sanders, Technology Directiom,

Reducing Spam

We take all sorts of measures to minimise the amount of spam enquiries and recently we added a clear “no job solicitation” message under our enquiry forms. We're always working to maximise the value of the consumer engagement we deliver.

*Statistics quoted and shown in this article are sourced from the Facebook account of and were true and correct as at 15.04.16.