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Five More Fast Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen.

13th April 2016
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The Second 5

We published our first 5 ideas a week or so ago. You can read them here.

Sometimes you want to make some changes without taking out a second mortgage, or building a whole new home. Smile! Because it is possible and we’re here with another five fab ideas to help you get creative when you make those changes.

Tappity Tap

This is an easy one and perfect for the DIYers out there. You might be surprised at just how easy it is to change taps, and even your kitchen sink. With the range of fixtures and fitting available these days, making the right choice can really make a statement in your kitchen. Replace the taps, or go further and upgrade your sinks at the same time. Have a good look around, because if you haven’t been tap shopping in a while, you’ll be impressed / amazed at the range of, style, finish and size options available these days.

Off the Shelf

Have you got enough room in your kitchen? Maybe not, because it’s a common problem. Never enough bench space, never enough storage options. Shelves can solve both issues. More storage means you can lift things up off your benches and clear the decks. Shelves will immediately add a new visual element to your kitchen that you can be creative with. Try rows of storage jars, or a shelf full of cook books. Go decorative and get some flowers up there, or keep it functional and store your nicest pots and pans or cookware. Floating and bracketed shelving options are definitely possible for you DIYers and can be bought at great value at your friendly local Swedish super store.

Update Your Appliances

You appliances take up a lot of room and make a big visual impact. Let’s face it, fridges and dishwashers are not small. Plus, they combine technology with trends, so when they get a little old and tired, they can lower the tone of your whole kitchen. Replace your appliances so they all look the same and give you appliance consistency. This will make a big difference to your kitchen straight away. Plus, newer appliances are often more energy efficient. And, if your old ones are still in good order, post them on Gumtree and offset the cost of your upgrade. What fun! Let’s go shopping!


Most kitchens have a big window and making a change to any large element will create a strong visual impact. You could change out your frames and go from aluminium to timber. Change the configuration of the windows or opt for a new opening mechanism. If you’re happy to stick with what you’ve got, then you can keep it simple and change the blinds or curtains. Go for a new colour or pattern, or a completely new format. Blinds give a sleeker, more modern look. Curtains can be lovely for a country kitchen feel. Get creative!

Get Down on the Floor

What you can achieve here really depends on what you’ve got already. Carpets can be cleaned, and even dyed, or simply replaced to create an instant new look. Some tiles can be painted, and if that’s not an option, you can cover them with timber boards or one of the many laminated timber products available today. Either way, you can go from tiles to timber quickly and often affordably. If you’ve already got timber floors, give them a sand and re-stain. You can adjust the finish and colour tones to create real change.

Before you get down to work with whatever you decide to do with your floors, be sure to consider the final height and make sure it doesn’t affect any of your doors.

That's our Top 10 clever kicthen make over tips done. Now it's all up to you!