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Building Your New Home. Where to Start.

2nd March 2016
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Finding the right land

It’s crucial to find the right block of land for you so before you start shopping around, consider your lifestyle. Think about your family, where you work, your social life and hobbies. Think about this before you consider anything else because your new home design and the build itself comes later. Building a home is a commitment, so make sure you’re happy with where you’ll be and always remember the big picture.

Choosing the style of home

Overwhelming doesn’t even begin to describe the amount of options out there for home designs, the choice is endless. Before you commit to any one style, it’s important to review as many as possible without overloading yourself.

Start browsing online for inspiration, (we know a great website!) and make sure you’re not looking when you’re stressed or in a hurry. This is a big decision, so give yourself time and thinking space. Start flicking through home magazines, keep an eye on property programmes and you’ll soon get an idea of your style and aesthetic preferences.

Finding the best builder

Your builder is going to be the backbone of this project, and you’ll be liaising with them over a long period of time. That makes it very important to find a builder you like and feel comfortable forming a working relationship with.

There are a few things you can do before making this decision. Speak to friends or family who have been through the process themselves. They’ll help you handle your expectations and more often than not will be able to recommend someone (or even tell you who to avoid!)

Go through our builder directory and start contacting some of them for an informal chat or consultation. Make sure your vision is being heard and discuss your budget. You’ll soon get a feel for whether or not you get along and share an understanding of your vision.

When you’ve found your new home builder, that’s a huge relief and then the real excitement can begin!