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16th February 2016
Article - SEO Stats Feb 2016 - iPad

We love a happy start to a new year. is very happy to announce that our site and our Builders have had an impressive start to 2016, as you can see here from this sample of traffic and session statistics.

We are the only dedicated new homes website in partnership with the HIA. We take that responsibility very seriously and work hard to constantly evolve and invest in new strategies to engage with even more motivated new home consumers.

While we maintain our ongoing SEO campaigns, our marketing and technology team is constantly looking for brave new ways to increase the online traffic and engagement enjoyed by our Builders and Developers.

In 2015, we employed some clever new technology that allows our new home products to follow consumers around the internet. It;s a bit like stalking, but in a good way! This strategy gives consumers a powerful visual prompt to return to the site and revisit new home designs they have already looked at.

New strategies like this continue to achieve growth, and our Sales and Marketing Director Troy McGuinness is delighted with the figures. “These percentages are an excellent validation of the strategies and investment we commit to the new homes sector.” he said. “We have the ability to follow people around the internet with new home designs and we always work with our SEO partner to find new ways to increase site traffic.”

We’re all looking forward to 2016 for strong growth across all markets and building on the solid foundations we worked hard to build since we expanded into national markets in the middle of 2015.f
If you’re a Builder or Developer, find out how our new technologies can help your business increase online engagement. We’re here to help, so get in touch today.

Note - These statistics are sourced from the Google Analytics account of and were true and correct as at 08.02.16.