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Keeping Furry Friends Safe During Renovations

10th February 2016
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Home renovations shake things up and disrupt the lives of everyone on the house, and that includes your family pets. In a perfect world you’d be able to move them out of your home to somewhere safe and quiet for the entire process. But when was the last time a renovation ran on time? These things often take longer than we hope and it’s not easy, or cost effective, to give your pets the temporary accommodation option.

So, let’s assume that your pets are going to have to weather the storm with you and your family. While we can all use goggles, earplugs and protective gear when necessary, or take a long drive to get away from the worst of it, it’s not so easy for animals.

So, take a look at these handy ideas for safeguarding measures that will help you help your pets.

Divide and Conquer

Keep your pets as far away from the noise and commotion as possible, the less they’re around it the less chance there is they’ll feel aggravated and upset. If moving them to a quiet zone simply isn’t an option, then set up a room divider or temporary door so they’re as isolated as possible. This also means your builders won’t have to feel responsible for the animals while they’re trying to get the job done.

Tanks and Cages

For your smaller pets such as fish and birds, the biggest problem is dust and hazardous odours and fumes from paints, adhesives and other common construction chemicals. Keeping them isoltaed in tanks and covered cages in well ventilated rooms, or even outdoors will keep them safe. It only takes a tiny amount of fumes to be fatal to small animals so it’s important that the little creatures are as far removed from the work as possible.

Dog Owners

Before you start your renovations, you’ll need to check if your state allows you to legally keep your dog on site during renovations. Once you understand your legal obligations, the best thing for your dog is to keep them in a fenced off area of your garden. Your builder might even be able to help you with this, but have a chat to them first. Temporary fencing will make sure they don’t wander through the building site or escape from your property.

It’s also really important to give your dog some undivided attention. It will help keep them calmer and more settled and avoid excessive stress if you are there to play with them and give them a cuddle.


Cats often love to roam the neighbourhood anyway so they are most likely to find their own hiding spot during your renos. But, you’re better off knowing where they are because the last thing you need is a hunt for your pet’s new favourite hiding place.

It’s a great idea to make a safe little nook for your cat, a hidey hole where they feel safe and protected from the dramatic changes taking place around them. Move their food and water to a quiet place with a few toys and make sure their litter tray is close by.

If you are keeping them in a bedroom, place a sign on the door asking people not to disturb the room. If the drilling and hammering noise becomes too much, leave a TV or radio on to mask the construction noises.

Maintain the Routine

No matter the size or stature of your pet/s, the absolute best thing you can do is keep their routine as close to normal as possible. Try and maintain meal patterns, walks, playtime and sleep times to keep them as regular as possible.