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Timeless Kitchen Designs to Look For in 2016

8th February 2016

We are always looking for the next big thing in Interior Design trends and the kitchen is one room that really speaks volumes of a stylish home. A kitchen can also make or break a home, which is not surprising considering the length of time spent within it over a lifetime.

One thing is clear looking forward: the idea of the kitchen in its traditional sense is definitely being challenged leading into 2016 with the presence of a dedicated kitchen “room” behind us, and more and more homes moving towards open-plan and integrated kitchen and living spaces.

Interior Design Expert and Colour Consultant Marissa Lintott shares some of her more detailed insights into what kitchen design trends to expect in 2016:


Storage has always been a huge part of kitchen design and the most prominent trends follow 2 distinct styles.

The first is Eclectic Style. This is often executed with vintage and vintage inspired accessories out on display, open air-storage showcasing mixed items that don’t necessarily match in style but follow a general colour theme. This means that there is more emphasis on ensuring storage is not only functional, but also beautiful.

The second is “Contemporary and Minimalistic”. This style involves smart and clean storage that conceals everyday accessories, whilst still showcasing appliances that are sleek and beautiful in their own right. The minimalist kitchen is also moving towards a focus on not just the functionality of storage with the addition of Lazy Susans in corner cabinets to optimise space, but also the appearance of internal storage solutions is finally being addressed. There is an increasing movement to provide greater scope in the materials used within the internal space, with the introduction of sustainably sourced products such as bamboo, which provide a greater durability, whilst adding another design element into the space.


The finishes to keep your eyes peeled for in the coming year are definitely focussed around bringing natural colours and materials into the kitchen.

Undermounted sinks are a given, but with the advancement of technology, more and more home designs are featuring natural look materials for bench tops like reconstituted marble, satin finish concrete and wood. The technological advancement in these elements means that options that were previously inaccessible to the standard homeowner are now more practical, durable and cost effective.

We are steadily moving away from highly polished and reflective surfaces and instead moving towards natural and matte surfaces. This also includes matte black accessories like taps, handles and appliances.


To complement these prominent styles, kitchen decorating styles have also evolved to be more naturally inspired. Bright, classic whites are as popular as ever, however there is a move to introduce pops of colour with potted or wall-mounted greenery with in-built irrigation for practicality featuring easy to maintain succulents or herbs to be used daily in the kitchen.

Kitchen appliances are also beginning to be progressively more functional in additional to more aesthetically appealing so that they can be left on display rather than integrated in cupboards.

More and more, people are thinking of a kitchen less as a functional and practical work space and more as another room in the house to decorate and be proud of.


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