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Taking off with Runway and MyDesktop

2nd February 2016
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Making life easier for builders

Here at our main mission in life is to make it easier for new home builders across Australia to access cutting edge online marketing and engage with new customers.

We reckon that our site does a pretty good job of that, and we have been refining the way we deliver our services since 2011. More recently than that, we became aware of the time it can take some of our builders to upload their content to our website. So, late last year we started working on a solution to that challenge.

Runway & MyDesktop

Runway and MyDesktop are two platforms that help builders manage their online content, and distribute that content to various websites. Between them, the two platforms handle the vast majoroity of Australian new home builders who are involved in online marketing.

So, our best option was clear, we had to connect to Runway and MyDesktop.

Technology collaboration

Achieving this sort of connection is a bit more complicated than just pressing a button. Working in close collaboration with the teams at Runway and MyDesktop, our team of developers prepared our website for the connection and both platforms invested time and effort into preparing to enable connection with

This is an exciting move for us, and for our clients, because it makes the process of getting content onto our website so much easier. It's pretty much automoatic, and with a simple selection in Runway / MyDesktop, can be chosen as a website to which that builder's content will be pushed.

That's a very simple version of the process that occurs which is highly tecthnical and very clever. But we won't bore you with those details here.

Suffice to say, this integration adds huge value to our platform and significantly reduces the workload for builders who want to join us.

Take off

Fully activated and ready right now, our team are genuinely happy and excited by the completion of this latest feature. “The connection and integration of to the Runway and MyDesktop platforms is a great step forward for us in 2016. It just makes life much easier for our clients across Australia, and whenever we achieve that, we're very happy indeed." - Troy McGuinness, Director of Sales and Marketing,

Furthermore, the development of the Application Programming Interface (API) allows to receive data and content feeds from all sorts of other websites. This option for connectivity and data sharing opens up all sorts of options for integrations and future partnerships. Also, the API will also allow us to develop a whole range of exciting new features for the website ourselves and get more sophisticated with the level of functionality we offer our builders and the features we deliver to new home consumers.

Our investment in the technology required to link up with Runway and MyDesktop is another great example of the firm commitment we have to our Builders and Developers. We're constantly working on new ways of improving the efficiency of their processes and adding value to their online experience with us.