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New Structures that are Smart and Sustainable

26th January 2016
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Sustainable Timber

In laymen’s terms, sustainable timber comes from trees that grow fast. When they grow fast, we can produce more of them in plantations, and that means less logging of beautiful old forests. Some trees used for sustainable timber can grow seven feet in a single year!

Sustainable timbers don’t sacrifice quality, strength, or appearance. So it’s all good and gives us all the double option of using them in both the structures and design features of new homes.

Sustainable on the Inside

The framing of your home is never seen, so the main thing is that the materials used are strong, structurally sound and ready to last a few lifetimes (at least). Using engineered composite beams and joists for the framing of your home is an excellent idea because these products can be made from fast-growing trees and are stronger than standard timber.

Steel framing is another super-strong alternative to standard timber that doesn’t use any trees at all and has the added benefit of being termite and pest-proof.

Waste Not

You can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs. Take a look at a building site and you’ll always see some waste. The good news is that this waste can be recycled and reused constructively.

Broken bricks and roof tiles can be broken up even more, turned into rubble and used as the base for your driveway. Now that’s good thinking!


Various types of insulation batts and loose formats can be made from a variety of natural and recycled materials. It’s amazing what can be done these days with high performance insulation products being made from recycled newspapers and glass, volcanic rock, steel slag, wool and cotton.

Wonderful Windows

Even the humble window is getting smarter as they increase their environmental intelligence. You can choose windows with different technical characteristics including energy-efficient glass and window frames. Glazing techniques are used to reduce heat gain and loss via the window to maintain a more consistent temperature and reduce the need for heating and cooling.

We’ll happily be bringing you more information on the environmentally clever options available to you and your builder. Anything that makes for smart homes and a happier planet makes us smile.