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Tiing. Win. Announcing a New Technology Partnership.

20th January 2016

In our quest to explore new technologies, joined forces with Tiing to give our builders an exclusive marketing opportunity.

The Tiing App let's you connect consumers directly with your choice of online location, taking them from your traditional media to your digital media.

Tiing is Perth's very first 'Found' engine and our partnership with them means we can offer our customers added value and provide them with technology based solutions. Tiing is taking traditional advertising to the next level and we're excited to be engaging with consumers in a smarter, more direct way. 

App Technology

Tiing gives businesses short, straightforward codes to display in any form of traditional advertising (billboard, directories etc). Consumers then input this code into their Tiing App and are taken instantly to the digital location of your choice, transporting them from your offline advertising to your online content. 

Choose the Destination

Via your Tiing admin, you can choose exactly where to send the consumer; to any specific site, web page, online form or social media platform you like.

Multi Media

A Tiing code can be entered into the smartphone App or via

Tiings can be used effectively across traditional media advertising including Press, TV, Radio and Billboards. It's all about transfering consumers to exactly where you want them to go. 

Find out more from your representative, visit or download the App for free at the App store or Google Play

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