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Less is More. Maximising Space in Small Gardens.

19th January 2016
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If you’re lucky enough to have your very own patch of greenery, then you’ll know as well as we do that it’s important to make the most of what you’ve got. Here are a few guiding hints from our team to help you maximise the spaces in your backyard.

Fence Less

Oftentimes people with small gardens feel the need to fence them in. People can feel protective of the small space they have and are keen to preserve it as best as possible. But this can work against achieving the desired effect of creating space, because fencing small spaces actually makes them appear even smaller.

A common mistake is to surround a small garden with a high fence to create privacy, but this will make the space feel ‘boxy’. Consider planting hedges instead to give your lawn a more generous feeling.

Upward Plants

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as too many plants so if space is minimal, be a little more conservative. Pick a few choice plants and flowers but go for something unique and interesting and think quality over quantity.

Adding to this, it’s worth investing in some flora and fauna that grows upwards, rather than outwards. This offer a few benefits - not only will it add privacy but it will do so without reducing your space and can help reduce that boxed-in feeling.

Flower Beds

When you love with flower beds, surrounding them with some galvanised steel gives a ‘reflective’ edge that creates the illusion of length to your beds. Just take care not to go overboard - you don’t want to be blinded by the sun!

If you prefer pavers instead of grass, opt for larger paving slabs - they make paved spaces seem more expansive than their little-bitty friends. And try to stay away from patterns or any paver designs that are busy. Clean and simple lines will create a greater feeling of space in small areas.


Built in seating is a great way to maximise available space instead of the more traditional patio or outdoor furniture. It will also give your little garden more structure as well as maximising the use of the space you do have..

Remember, to make the most of your space, make sure you keep the area organised and free of clutter, if anything looks out of place then get rid of it or store it elsewhere.