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Heating and Cooling Systems that are Good for the Planet

12th January 2016
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Solar Source

How you cool and heat your home will have a huge effect on your energy costs. Solar panels decorate the roofs of so many Australian homes that this is clearly something we’re all far more aware of now than we ever have been before. People everywhere are generating enough power to run their homes, and often return the excess ‘to the grid’. It gives you a great sense of freedom to be independent of the energy companies.

Space & Water Heating

Rather than running two systems, which is more expensive in every way, you now have integrated options. Integrated heating systems combine space heating with hot water heating in one system. It’s a smarter way to do things because the heat generated is working twice as hard, without you having to lift a finger.

Gas Efficiency

New technologies in high-efficiency gas fired heating systems can vent exhaust gases through a flue and that means no need for a chimney. Refining the system means saving time and materials and we all know what that means for you!

Hot Feet

Under-floor heating gives you a lovely, even heat throughout the home and can be achieved with electric elements in the slab, or the super-smart option of running hot water through piping embedded in the concrete.

Zone In

Controlling the heating and cooling of multiple zones in your home means extra control and less waste. That’s a win-win. Apply heating and cooling to the rooms being used by your family and don’t waste energy on unused areas. Zone control means energy savings and higher levels of comfort.


These days, many Air Conditioning systems are available in CFC-Free options. What that means is less toxic chemicals are used to cool the air and pump it through your home, with no decrease in performance. That’s good news for your family and our planet.

Get warm and stay cool when you need to but do it the smarter way that takes care of the planet as well as the comfort of you and your family