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An Enlightening Guide to Lighting

5th January 2016
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You put a lot of time and effort into decorating your home - searching for the perfect kitchen, the right bathroom tiles, your dream furniture. It’s all so important when it comes to putting your own personal stamp on your living space.

Just as important, but more often neglected, is finding the right lighting. Different rooms demand different moods and the wrong lighting can all too easily undo the hard work you’ve put into your home’s interior design.

There are three main types of lighting to be considered for any new home and each has its own specific purpose:

Ambient Lighting

This refers to general lighting that can go in any or every room and usually comes from your main wall or ceiling lights with a central control.

Accent Lighting

This is speciality lighting to add detail, highlights or a particular effect to a room. For example highlighting or accentuating design and architectural features, or illuminating special decorations like paintings and sculptures.

Task Lighting

This means lighting that performs a specific task or allows for a certain function or activity. For example, cooking, gardening or reading. Task lights can be desk lamps, lights on your decking and cabinet lighting for your dining room.


Now you’re aware of the different types of lighting, it’s time to start planning!

Start with a floor plan of your home and from there plan the lighting for each room individually. It’s important to carefully consider what you really use each room for. For example, if your study is really just the TV room then task lighting won’t be the right choice.

We’ve got a few great tips to help guide you through the process of how best to illuminate the different rooms in your home.

Front Door / Entrance

When you have some space to work with, this area gives you a great opportunity to go for some accent lighting and set the mood for the whole house. It’s worth taking the weather into account if you do this because you might not want the same entrance lighting in winter as you do when the weather gets warmer.

Living Room

A haven of rest and relaxation, it’s always good to maintain a mellow ambience in your main communal living spaces. Choose a couple of different lamps and for your general overhead lighting and consider investing in a dimmer option to give you total control.


You really want the mood of your bedrooms to be just right, so it’s always best to choose a variety of lighting and give yourselves the flexibility to adjust the mood of the room. Choose lamps for your bedside tables and reading at night, standing lamps for late night ambience and dimmer overhead lights. If you want to go all out then you can install feature, accent lighting.


Practical lighting is your kitchen’s best friend because this is an area that needs effective lighting to help you get all those cooking jobs done safely and easily. Overhead or track lighting will always deliver a strong solution in your kitchen and if you want to add some softer lighting then go for cabinet lighting.


Ambient or task lighting, or even a combination of the two are perfect for bathrooms. Task lighting around the mirror in particular will complement any bathroom space beautifully. If this is where you do most of your grooming then be sure not to opt for anything too dark or you’ll find you look entirely different in a brighter room!