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Venue Menu. A Start-Up Success Story.

14th December 2015
USED - Venue Menu

Venue Menu was started by four people, working across different careers including Teaching, Advertising, Technology and Commercial Design. The group came together with a simple idea about a website where people can share spaces. That idea evolved into Venue Menu - The best place to find the right place.

Venue Menu is a menu of venues, around 200 of them, all over Perth and out into regional Western Australia. The brand is colourful and fun. The website is colourful and functional. It is also very easy to use, connecting people quickly and easily to a range of venue options that suit their search criteria.

Launched in April 2015, Venue Menu now lists around 200 venues, and the list is growing. Just like their Facebook and Instagram communities.

The website also publishes their own content of casual venue and event reviews and opinions.

In November 2015, Venue Menu won an Australian Web Award. Great news for them and an excellent testament to the quality of the website and the User Experience it delivers.

The Australian Web Awards showcases outstanding web design and development nationally, and in each state.

Venue Menu won a State (WA) award in the Start Up category and also made Finalist in the national awards, also held in Perth.

The Australian Web Awards maintain the highest standards in web design and coding development and consider a wide range of criteria across two stages.

Stage 1 assesment criteria include:

  • Markup
  • Site Performance
  • Accessibility Compliance
  • Security

Stage 2 assesment criteria include:

  • Visual Design
  • Content
  • User Experience
  • Development 
  • Accessibility

It is not an easy task to win one of these awards and we congratulate Venue Menu on their win.

We always encourage digital startups becuase that's where we came from ourselves and we know that with dedication, hard work and plenty of inspriration, great things can happen. All the very best to Venue Menu from the team at

Next time you're wondering where to eat out, or where to have your wedding, or your next corporate function, take a look at Venue Menu.

Find the website right here.

And find them on Facebook here.