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Environmental can be Beautiful too

2nd December 2015
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Fine Flooring

There are all sorts of cleaner and greener flooring options that will allow you to add the finest finishing touches to your new home, and be environmentally smart at the same time.

There’s nothing quite like timber floors for feel, look and sound. Choose from new or reused timber strip flooring and then make sure that the final finish is achieved with low-toxicity oils and varnishes.

On the Tiles

Glazed ceramic tiles are fantastic for warmer climates, or anywhere with underfloor heating. They give off no toxic fumes and will not support allergens or bacteria. Tiles can also be manufactured using recycled glass.

All Natural

Natural products always provide a lovely look and feel. Find your most sustainable options and choose from natural stone like granite and marble or go for a more organic look with cork and bamboo options.

Waste Not

Stepping off the floor for a second, there are plenty of interesting ans clever options for windows and doors too. Trims and mouldings can be made from sawmill waste to create products like medium density fibreboard. To finish them off the smart and healthy way, choose solvent-free paints.

It’s amazing what’s out there and the double benefits that can be found with environmentally clever products that also give your new home a beautifully unique finish.