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Get GreenSmart with the HIA

24th November 2015
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Building Code Requirements

It all comes down to the Building Code of Australia, the national regulations and minimum requirements that control the standards and quality of new home building in Australia.

The Building Code has a minimum level of compliance that is required to be met. These codes relate to energy efficiency, ventilation and the quality of the air in new homes, natural and artificial light and sound insulation.

The central goals behind these compliance requirements are to make sure that every new home will offer the highest possible standard of living for the people who build it, and also for the occupants who buy the home in the future. That’s a very good thing for all of us now, and for our children in the future.

HIA is GreenSmart

The HIA believe the new home industry should be working to exceed the requirements set by the Building Code. So they started their progressive GreenSmart program to achieve exactly that. GreenSmart is all about encouraging builders to work towards achieving higher standards of environmentally friendly building than the requirements of the code.

The program includes developing and expanding environmentally friendly building practices. HIA GreenSmart builders are trained up to understand the most modern environmental methods and materials, they’ve got it covered. The training aims to better equip builders to deliver new homes that are not only energy efficient and environmentally responsible but also look beautiful and aspire to the aesthetic tastes of buyers.

Smarter Design Too

Don’t be surprised when you find out that many environmentally inspired products and techniques give you a whole new range of exciting visual and design options. Being green smart makes good sense in so many ways, including the aesthetics of the finished home.

Get smarter for this beautiful planet of ours. Find out more about HIA GreenSmart and the builders who are trained and motivated to create environmentally friendly homes.

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