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Planning Out Space. Part 2 - More Things to Think About.

11th November 2015
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Open Up

Open Plan homes are common and popular and it’s a nice idea to have your kitchen, dining and lounge areas rolled into one big space. Open plan can create expansive views through the home to gardens and outdoor areas too. All these things are great, and open plan design is a good way to increase the overall feeling of space in your home.

Here are some other space-creating tricks and things to consider that work in all areas of your home.

Creating Space

Yes, space is real and we can measure it in metres. We’re not suggesting that you can turn a Duplex into a mansion, but the space you do have can certainly be made to feel bigger by employing a few simple techniques. While space is a matter of metres, it also comes down to the perception you and your builder create with your whole home and the individual rooms.

High ceilings and wide windows will create a greater feeling of spaciousness. So will the use of lighter and brighter colours and matte paint finishes because these finishes and effects don’t feel like they are closing in, while dark and gloss colours often do.

You can also be clever with the placement of your furniture. Play with the longer lines in a room and work to complement, lengthen and exaggerate them, rather than cutting them short.

Let Light In

Natural light is something every home will benefit from. It increases the overall aesthetic appeal and the happiness of the people who live there. Natural and artificial light is another tool you can use to increase the feeling of space and openness. Think about enlarging window areas in certain rooms to let more light in and increase the view of the outdoors, which in turn makes the internal spaces feel more generous.

Energy efficiency with heating and cooling doesn’t have to be an issues here with so many superb and smart window and door designs available. Your builder can help you out with these products.

Think about these things and talk to your builder when you’re planning your new home to make the most of the metres you have to play with.