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Planning Out Space. Part 1 - 3 Things to Think About.

4th November 2015
USED - Article - Space Planning - Part 1

Work out the design that works for your family. How lucky are we!? With such a huge range of reputable builders all creating beautiful home designs, we’re absolutely spoiled for choice. That’s the good news. The tough part is deciding what’s right for you and your family.

Smart Spaces

Blocks of land are getting smaller and apartments are getting more popular. What does that mean? That most of us have less room to work with. Because of that, home designs are trending towards smart designs for smaller spaces and making the most of what you’ve got.

Consider the space you think you’ll need and weigh it against block sizes and costs. See if you can come up with a few clear options that work for you, the size of your family and your budget.

Start with a Plan

Yes, it’s great to have your own plan and strategy, but we actually mean the builder’s plans. Do your research, download plans, start to formulate an idea of what you love for your family. Be sure to do this before you head out to the display homes.

Fun & Function

Every family is different, everyone moves differently, does different things, plays different sports, has different interests and needs. This home is for you and your family. So think about how you work as a group of people, and as individuals. Consider how and where you want to eat your main meals. Where will the kids play, study and watch tv. Where will Number One Son play the drums? If you’re home all the time, that might mean you want more space for relaxing and winding down. If you’re out all day and home at night, perhaps your bedrooms are more important.

This is all about you, so focus on that and you’ll find you’re looking for a certain type of home and you know where your priorities lie.

We’ll be back again soon with a few more things to think about.