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Tiing. Perth Entrepreneurs Invent The First ‘Found’ Engine.

26th October 2015
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A group of Perth entrepreneurs have turned the internet on its head, developing the first ‘found’ engine to connect people to businesses online through traditional display advertising.

An app-based technology, Tiing provides businesses with short alphanumeric codes for their display advertising which consumers plug into their phone, taking them directly to their desired page online.

Businesses can include a specific call to action prompting customers to buy their product, view a specific page on the website, follow on social media, make an enquiry via SMS, or email.

The team, made up of brothers Jason and Luke Bresland, and friends Kyran Florisson, David Hahn and Brad Manning partnered to create this unique smartphone application - combining the latest in digital technology to meet the needs of the mobile generation.

The Tiing concept first came to life when 34-year-old business consultant Jason was driving down West Coast Highway and spotted a property for sale sign.

“I was interested in the property, but with a lot of other things to think about, including the footy scores, by the time I got home I couldn’t remember who the estate agent was, let alone contact details,” Mr Bresland said.

“That’s when I thought, how much easier would it be if I could just punch a few digits into my phone and go straight to the specific page I’m interested in, rather than write down phone numbers or navigate my way around the internet?”

“I discussed the idea with the rest of the team and we realised there was a glaring need for a ‘found’ engine – you see a for sale sign, a billboard, display ad in the newspaper, or a sign on the side of a plumber’s van, and rather than having to remember phone numbers or web addresses, all you need to remember is a four to six alpha numeric code.

“Once you have the Tiing, you enter it into the Tiing smartphone app or and you’re automatically directed to a specific page either owned by the advertiser, or hosted on our own website."

“Advertisers pay a set monthly fee for each unique Tiing and use it for as long as they want.”

While the idea of traditional display advertising isn’t new, Mr Bresland said the concept of Tiing is, and could be applied to any business wishing to connect with consumers quickly, simply and on-the-go.

“The great thing about Tiing is that it’s dynamic so anyone can use it - whether you’re in real estate, car sales or finance all the way through to retail, hospitality, trades and services, and everything in between.”

Set to shake up the WA real estate industry, Tiing is already working with a number of agencies including DeFreitas and Ryan Real Estate, Michael Keil, Grange Realty, Radi Estates and to engage with their customers in a smarter, more direct way.

“This app is taking traditional advertising to its next level and we’re really excited to be a part of that,” said New Homes Guide Managing Director, Troy McGuinness.

Tiing’s multi-channel design means Tiings can be used effectively across a variety of advertising platforms including print, radio and TV as well as billboards, bus backs and bus stops.

For more information go to and download it for free at the App store or google play. You can also follow Tiing on Facebook and Twitter @Tiingaustralia.


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Some other Tiing’s you might like to know: 

  • Tiing is compatible with the Apple iOS 8 and iOS 9 operating systems
  • Tiing can be downloaded for FREE from the App Store and Google Play store