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How to Downsize in Style

19th October 2015
Promenade Homes - Downsizing - 02/10/15
Promenade Homes - Downsizing - 02/10/15
Promenade Homes - Downsizing - 02/10/15
Promenade Homes - Downsizing - 02/10/15

The word downsize doesn’t sound too exciting does it? In fact it sounds a bit depressing.

However there is a growing market in Perth of empty nesters who want to build a new home that may be smaller in size, but is actually an upgrade on quality.

We spoke to custom home builder Rob Frigo from Promenade Homes, who is seeing first-hand the demand from buyers for a smaller home that is still top drawer in terms of fixtures and finishing’s.

“As couples begin that next phase of their life, without the kids at home, they are looking to build something smaller, but still with a high level finish. It’s more about quality than quantity” said Rob.

“You can downsize, but upgrade with a custom designed home that suits the way you want to live as you transition into retirement” concluded Rob.

When asked for advice on things to consider before taking the next step, Rob and the team at Promenade Homes offered up the following tips:

List your must haves

You are inevitably going to have to compromise in terms of the number of rooms in your new home, so decide what you absolutely must have and then work with your builder and their design team to get the right room configuration to suit your needs.

Consider your furniture

Are you selling everything? Perhaps you are donating it to charity if it has been in your possession since the 70’s! If so, great, start with a clean slate. But if you plan on moving your existing furniture into your new home then remember to plan ahead and think about how that furniture will fit into your new, smaller, home.

Who is coming to stay?

An easy question for grandparents to answer. What accommodation are you going to need for those grandkids sleepovers? What about the friends from over East? You need to strike a balance between maximising your use of space and accommodating those guests that stay from time to time.

Choose the right builder and enjoy the process!

This is very likely going to be the last time you build a new home, so you not only want the home to be perfect, you want to be able to enjoy the entire building process.

Choosing a custom home builder will allow you more involvement throughout, the flexibility to make changes during both the design and build stages and you can develop a closer relationship than is often possible with larger project builders.


For more information on how you can downsize in style, visit or call Rob Frigo on (08) 9201 9898.