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Protecting Your Investment With Under Construction Reports

6th July 2015
Houspect Featured Article - 6th July 2015

When it comes to protecting your home and family, there's not much you wouldn't do.

What you may not realise when having your dream home built as a new construction, though, is that the need to safeguard your investment begins long before you accept ownership of the new house.

The period for lodging disputes after handover is relatively short, and it's easy to miss faults and defects until it's too late.

Fortunately, there's one reliable way to protect your investment and the structural integrity of your new home from the moment you break ground: investing in under construction reports.

What are Under Construction Reports?

Otherwise known as stage construction inspections, under construction reports are highly specialised evaluations carried out by professional building inspectors.

At several different phases of building, an inspector will come out to your site to ensure that allwork is being completed in accordance with the Australian Standards, and up to all relevant building codes.

Qualified inspectors will also check the quality of workmanship provided by your builder, giving you the opportunity to address shoddy work long before it becomes a major issue in your completed home.

Unlike Principal Certifying Authority inspections, which are only focused on legal compliance and act on behalf of the Government, under construction reports are designed specifically to protect your interests as a property owner.

Why Do I Need Under Construction Reports?

There are some building flaws and defects which simply aren't visible after a home is completed. Even during a practical completion inspection, you may have issues lurking which can't be spotted until they begin to cause a problem.

Because under construction reports are conducted at several different time lines during the building process, it's easier for a qualified inspector to spot these faults as they happen. Unless you have a working understanding of National building codes and standards, or experience in the building trades, you may not be ideally equipped to oversee your builder on your own.

Working with an experienced and qualified professional building inspector helps you to stay abreast of what's happening on your work site, even when you can't be there or aren't sure what you're seeing.

Even the most straightforward building projects managed by the best and most honest builders will inevitably run into setbacks and complications; with a professional building inspector on your side, you're ready to face whatever comes your way. Protecting your property and your interests begins from the moment ground is broken on your building project.

Don't let errors and defects cause long-term problems; secure under construction reports through a building inspection company that carries full Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance, and only utilises registered Builders and qualified trades persons to carry out your inspections.

Together, you can ensure your dream home never becomes a nightmare of errors, defects and structural faults.


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