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Starting the New Home Process

23rd June 2015
NHG Featured Article - 23/06/2015

We’re putting the ‘Guide’ back into New Homes Guide, starting with this article.

Read on and you’ll find some great tips to help you make the most of the very first stage in building your new home, the research.

Or, as we prefer to call it, the shopping. Because, let’s face it, you will be shopping for the biggest, most beautiful purchase you’re ever likely to make.

Let’s get going and we’ll share a few of the tips we’ve learned over the years from all the great builders and businesses we work with every day.

Display homes and sales centres are there for you and they’re all full of different ideas, options, styles, designs and finishes. Get out there and look around, get inspired and start to build an idea in your mind of the new home you want to see when you get the keys.

Take Note
You might well have a great memory, but take notes anyway. Take photos too and keep a record of the things you love the most. Doing this now will really help you later on.

Take Your Time
This is a big decision and a significant investment, so give yourself the time to enjoy the process and make good decisions. Be thorough, take a good look around, speak to plenty of people and ask questions.

Land & Community
If you’re looking for a block for your new home, consider the community you’ll be joining and make sure it’s a good fit for your family.

Trust your instincts and ask yourself if you see yourself living there and are you getting a good feeling about the area.

Display Home Quality
A Display Home is an accurate representation of the quality of the builder’s work, so use your eye for detail and look beyond the fixtures and fittings. Is the construction solid, is the finish detailed and to a high standard?

Standard or Upgrade?
Ask the representative if the display home you’re viewing has a standard specification or is it upgraded, because this may mean extra costs for you.

Take a good look at the range of features and options that are offered and make a note of the ones you love the most. When you find the builder you want to work with, you’ll be well equipped to request the home with the features you really want.

So, there you have it, a handful of tips to help guide you through the very first stages of shopping for your new home and the best builder to make it happen for you.

We’ll be publishing more and more articles just like this one to share the knowledge of our community with you and your family. 

And don’t forget that the HIA has plenty of great tips and a huge knowledge base that’s ready and waiting for you.