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Planning a Kitchen for Purpose and Pleasure

23rd June 2015
John Gelavis Column - 23/06/15
John Gelavis Column - 23/06/15

First published in the West Australian's New Homes magazine, June 20th 2015

If you are planning to get into gourmet cooking, providing new and exotic meals for the family and for dinner parties, then you will want a highly functional kitchen with plenty of storage space and up-to-date appliances.

If several members of the family are going to be using the kitchen at the same time, then space becomes a priority.

One of the most important things in kitchen design is the “work triangle”, with the sink, the cooktop and the refrigerator at the three points. The total walking distance on a round of the points should be between seven and 10m, depending on the number of people you expect to be working in the kitchen at any one time.

Once you have assembled your ideas, find an HIA member who can prepare a plan for you or look for an HIA specialist kitchens and bathrooms designer.

Work with your HIA builder or designer on how big an extension you plan, its effect on other parts of the home, and your ideal materials. Try to get these decisions made early and stick to them. People who change their minds halfway through a project often face delays and extra costs.

A carefully planned kitchen renovation or extension will be a pleasure for the enthusiastic cook, make life more convenient for the family and add value to the home.

On July 18, the HIA will announce the winners of the annual 2015 HIA-Laminex Australia Kitchen and Bathroom Awards, which showcases the best kitchen and bathroom projects in WA.

Keep an eye out for these amazing kitchens and bathrooms in this and future editions of New Homes.


John Gelavis is the executive director of the WA Housing Industry Association. Follow him on Twitter at @HIA_WA


Picture One: Dale Alcock Homes

Picture Two: Urbane Projects