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Turning the key on a stress-free subdivision: Why Turn key investments are a value solution

19th April 2015

Are you thinking about subdividing in 2015 but not sure if you have the time to manage the process? Turnkey packages are a great solution for savvy yet time-poor landowners looking to capitalise on their subdivisible block.

General Manager Summit Projects Peter MacBean says, as the name suggests, a turn key package is the name given to a house that can be sold to any buyer as a fully completed product. .

“Essentially your builder project manages the entire process from start to finish to deliver you a , ready built investment property/s that are available to reside in or ready to be rented out,” Mr MacBean said.

“Traditionally, landowners looking to subdivide and build have added the finishing touches themselves, from landscaping to the letterbox. In fact, some builders don’t even include flooring or painting! This scenario usually doesn’t optimise your return on investment, as you can’t start collecting rent until you have personally financed and project managed the completion of the property. This time, stress and hassle can all be avoided with a turn key package.”

While a turnkey package takes care of everything for you it shouldn’t exclude you from the process altogether.

“A quality builder will actively seek your input in terms of specifiations and should be available to answer any questions you many have along the way,” Mr MacBean said.

Considering how involved your turn key package builder will be in the quality and profitability of your subdivision, it pays to do your homework. Make sure you are confident in the turnkey process of your builder and ask those important questions upfront, such as ‘is everything included in the one price?’ and ‘will an interior designer ensure stylish interiors?’ While you don’t want to overcapitalise with luxurious designer fittings and expensive colour palates, you’ll still need to be sure that your investment property looks visually appealing to attract the highest sale price or rental return possible.

“We’ve had a number of instances where clients have opted for a complete turnkey package which was then favourably commented upon by the selling agent and by the buyers, and was a strong factor in its quick sale.”

Summit Projects offer a range of turn key package solutions to suit all requirements and budgets. Speak to them today on 9333 0800 or visit