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How to Avoid Uncertainty in New Home Construction

16th April 2015
Houspect Article 3
Houspect Article 3

How to avoid uncertainty with your new home construction project

Building your new home is an exciting and rewarding time, but it can also be an experience fraught with uncertainty and anxiety. Unless you're a professional with experience in the building trades, you may not even be aware of problems with your new home until they start to cause issues with the progress on the building project. This uncertainty is stressful even when you feel you're working with an overall trustworthy builder, but can be a very real problem when you're not sure if your builder is being completely transparent and thorough. Cutting corners and taking shortcuts can have a profound effect on the finished quality of your home, and you may not even be able to spot those shortcuts if you lack the relevant building experience.

Fortunately, you don't have to be a professional builder to ensure some oversight when you're planning and executing a home construction project. There are ways to protect yourself and your investment which don't include a crash course on building up to the Australian Standard.

How Stage Construction Inspections Protect You

When you're investing in a newly constructed home, you'll want every protection available to you in order to ensure high quality and value for your money. This is where stage construction inspections can make all the difference.

When these inspection reports are prepared by a professional, reputable building inspection company, they're truly neutral and unbiased reviews of the work being done on your property. Because the building inspector is not employed by or affiliated with your builder, there's no risk of conflict of interest. Because the inspector has no financial stake in the findings, there's also no chance of the report finding fault unfairly. When you choose a professional building inspection company that employs experienced professionals within the building trades, you're able to protect not only your own interests, but also those of your builder.

Why Everyone Benefits from Stage Construction Inspections

Investing in under-construction reports will undeniably provide you with the peace of mind you need throughout the process of having your new home built. They're a great tool when it comes to keeping a good relationship with your builder, and can protect you from any shoddy workmanship or dangerous conditions. What you may not realise, though, is that these same inspections benefit your builder as well.

With regular stage construction inspections, you're able to prevent disputes before they begin. Your builder is able to confidently proceed throughout the process, because they know there is some professional but unbiased professional oversight protecting them from unfounded allegations and accusations. Before you break ground on the home of your dreams, consider all of the benefits associated with obtaining stage construction reports throughout the process.


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