Plan ahead for outdoor style



According to Steve Golding from Sunwise Living, there are materials available to suit any garden design, from traditional timber to composite decking.

He said millboard composite decking had become a very popular alternative to traditional timber decking. This is a material that comes in a variety of different colours, textures and widths. It contains no timber whatsoever but is moulded to look like natural timber. Being non-porous in nature means it requires little to no maintenance. The non-slip lastane surface of the material has a high level of UV inhibitors in it, which means the colour will be maintained despite sun exposure.




Mr Golding said African thatch-style gazebos and Balinese huts were the most popular designs. In most cases they were built away from the house and sat in the garden, or next to a pool area.

 Gazebos complemented an alfresco kitchen, and added another level of functionality to any garden, he said.

African thatch gazebos made out ofAfricanCapeReeds were typically 100 per cent UV resistant and 98 per cent waterproof, and could be installed by contractors, or done as a DIY project.

AuthenticBalihuts are made out of Alang Alang Thatch, and usually provide 100 per cent UV protection. This style of gazebo can be used as an entertaining area, or even a spa cover. ABalihut complements and enhances a tropical-themed garden and like the African thatch gazebos can be installed yourself or by a contractor.


FIVE Tips for installing decking or a gazebo


Do your homework and decide on what theme best suits your backyard.

When planning the location and size of your gazebo or alfresco area, take into account the space you’ll need for all the extras — such as table and chairs, barbecue, pizza oven or day beds.

Allow time for your project. As with any home renovation the road to getting a gazebo or alfresco area involves a lot of planning, quotes, shire approvals and onsite work.

If you’re building a new home and want to feature a gazebo or decking, make provisions to have it done earlier rather than later in the building process.

Be sure you deal with a reputable company that specialises in the products that you are looking for.

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