Shaping new trend

Billed as a collection which appeals to both the head and the heart, Starck said this project saw him working "not in another way but from a different angle - with the same subject of minimalism".

The company has developed a new kind of water spray consisting of 90 individual outlets, providing a new sensation and spraying a bigger surface area.

This new spray sees the washbasin mixer consuming just 3.5 litres of water per minute, compared to most other international designs which usually use at least 7 litres per minute.

If a stronger spray is required, the two click-in positions in water control can boost the flow rate to 5 litres per minute.

Water flow and temperature are controlled separately in Axor's new range and a new pre-adjustable temperature feature is available.

All designs for the range come from a single source in Germany, and Philippe Grohe, head of Axor, said the company sought to provide innovative solutions of the highest aesthetic and technological levels.

While the Australian release date is not yet confirmed, it is expected to be available next year.